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As an integrated logistics company, International Feed also arranges for the Transloading of our feed ingredients into shipping containers.  Transloading facilities are designed with the intention of minimizing the amount of product handling needed, while providing multiple container and packaging options for the end consumer.

Ag Commodities Transload

International Feed's Ag Commodities Transload (or AgCom) operates our physical transload facility in Minneapolis, MN.  For other supply markets around the country, AgCom works strategically with third party transload companies to manage and fulfill our transloading needs. 

Container Size Options

International Feed is pleased to be able to offer products loaded into 20’, 40’, and 40’ High Cube containers; we work actively with our customers to determine the most economical option for each of our shipments.

Packaging Options

We are able to offer our ingredients loaded in bulk or in jumbo bags/totes.  If interested in jumbo bags or totes, please contact one of our staff to discuss these options.


International Feed’s top priority is to assure that the quality of supplied feed and food ingredients fulfills our customers’ requirements.  A U.S. Federal Grains Inspection Service (FGIS) representative is present during product loadings at all times to guarantee unbiased quality and weight control for truck-to-container transload cargo.  The U.S. FGIS representative provides phytosanitary inspections, sample collections, and general cargo survey and stowage examination services.

Bag and Blanket Desiccant

Upon customer request, International Feed offers both silica bag and blanket desiccant products to mitigate moisture migration issues in containers while they are in transit. We use HyBlanket Desiccant solutions which have proven helpful in reducing moisture migration due to its high water absorption rates.

Container Liner

Upon customer request, International Feed offers container lining solutions to assure the integrity of our products are not compromised during transloading and voyage.


International Feed provides on-site fumigation services at the request of our customers. Our fumigators are licensed to carry out phosphine gas fumigation.

Mold Inhibitor

International Feed provides mold inhibitor application services to a range of loaded products as requested by our customers. We use DMX-7 and MOLD-X mold inhibitor products, which have proven helpful in mitigating quality issues during shipment.

Testing and Analysis

International Feed employs the services of major testing laboratories to conduct in-depth product evaluations. Typical analyses include Protein, Fat, Moisture, Fiber and Ash levels, utilizing AOAC, NIR and other industry approved testing methods. Additional services include tests for Mycotoxins, Urease, Color, and others. These services are available to our customers upon request. All tests are conducted under strict guidelines set forth by the USDA and meet all requirements prior to an FGIS certification issuance.


International Feed's subsidiary company, Kingpin Logistics, LLC, offers agricultural transportation and brokerage services to a wide range of U.S. agribusiness partners. 

Kingpin Logistics, LLC

Kingpin Logistics operates its own private fleet of hopper trucks and container chassis and provides intrastate and interstate trucking and drayage services. We have the know-how and capability to provide timely solutions to your transportation needs. Please contact our office for more details or inquiries.


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